Spy Voice Recorder

So-called Voice Recorder offered in spy shops mainly as a necessary auxiliary equipment to document results of eavesdropping. Here, it is not important which interception technique was used. In other words, whether for surveillance mini transmitter or as part of a telephone monitoring telephone transmitters and telephone recording devices found use.

In order to always be able to store the information received in order to be able to evaluate them at a later date on their content, the most advanced digital recording devices in spy shops often stock.

Digital USB Voice Recorder have currently been reduced to the size of a credit card and belongs to every detective equipment. In a so-called flash memory with a capacity of 128 megabytes, so recording capacity of up to 36 hours can be achieved. Such devices have no mechanical drive, increasing the risk of wear is no longer given. The control squelch is integrated in the interface. By means of the automatic voice control, the unit switches off in intervals. This can increase the duration of an operation significantly.

The so held talks can be monitored directly on the device or transferred to a PC via the USB port and stored, and can be evaluated with any suitable software to. With its size of 56x84x9mm and the possibility of the battery in the additional offer of a Spy Shops is also a vehicle to find adapters.

With another product of a Spy Shop is a Pocket Voice Recorder with “X Scale” processor, depending on the memory up to 92 days calls may be recorded without interruption. Further it is possible to make timed recordings via the built-in timer if necessary. Also this device is completely wear-and here too there is the possibility to transfer recorded conversations via USB or infrared to a PC.

USB Voice Recorder examples

Also known as a stealth recorder can be purchased from a trusted spy shop. This is a sophisticated computer software that allows concealed in secret and entirely local, automatic calls from various sources as representing microphones, mini transmitter or telephone channels, or the on the PC. Record notebook and this on the internet transmitted.
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First, however, account must be set up to a destination, such as an e mail. Since the recording automatically and covered takes place in the background, the contents of the conversation can be sent or received without any problems. Software also exists for Windows-based PCs under MP3 records in real time. This allows in a special way, for hours or days long high quality recordings with minimal space on the hard disk record them.

Also find otherwise hidden voice recorder in the offer of a spy shop. For example, in a high-quality processed briefcase, in which there is a non-visible, complete system for recording conversations of up to 300 hours. This works as well as numerous other system noise and can be operated discretely especially. The automatic features contained only conversations and switches off when silence. The system works in both closed as well as in the open state.

At this point should also be noted that there must be in the context of recordings of conversations, the consent of the persons intercepted. Provisions to this end public institutions should be considered before commissioning.



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Directional microphones

So-called resonators microphones, cardioid directional microphones and parabolic directional microphones are currently offered primarily by to be found on the internet spy shops. It is estimated that enjoy those microphones not only from potential eavesdroppers increasing popularity. It has also been offered technology in the areas of quality and performance, discovered at the level of children’s toys. This level is of course not to find a reputable internet spy shop.

On the subject of directional microphones should be noted at this point that very often the idea is that can be heard with the help of a directional microphone from outside into homes in order to obtain desired information or to eavesdrop prone to infidelity wife during a visit. This will not succeed in this way. Directional microphones are working only in open terrain, with as few obstacles such as trees.

The already-mentioned parabolic directional microphones focus using the parabolic mirror, the sound waves to the front openings of the high quality directional microphone. The sound waves are acoustically amplified and fed to the controllable operational amplifier, thereby an accurate pointing by the desired source of sound is possible. An adjustable gain up to 100 decibels is possible. The unit has a jack for headphones od. Voice recorder. To further the espionage shop offered amenities include microphone probe, parabolic in any size, special amplifier and headphones.

In Spy Shop offered cardioid directional microphones are on special products for monitoring and recording of sound signals under various conditions. Professional characteristics of the sound relating combine with compactness and low weight. The microphone in this case has a very narrow directivity. Produces with the help of the latest technologies, this microphone is to be regarded as highly sensitive condenser unit, which allows you to hear sounds from a distance of up to 100 meters.

Thanks to a new system of production, the dimensions of the device are becoming smaller and for this reason, to dispense with the use of so-called cardioid directional microphones with parabolic mirrors. In a Spy Shop offered compact structures are specially adapted for the discreet use. High professional qualities of the product allow to use the device for sound recordings for the purposes of Observation at security services.

Private users can find in a spy shop in this regard, among other body sound microphones. A stethoscope can be used for necessary only in conjunction with the amplifier microphone. By the connection with the amplifier and the structure-borne sound microphone is produced an electronic stethoscope, which can be used for listening to sounds of hidden or calls. Human language, the friction of mechanical parts or the ticking of a time fuze generate vibrations. Solid objects vibrate also when vibrations apply to you.

This physical property is the basis of the electronic stethoscope. Even barely perceptible vibrations are up to 50,000 times amplified and made audible as sound. Even through closed doors, windows and walls throughout will allow a hearing. In well-off Spy Shop is available as an accessory certainly one external speaker on offer, which can be connected instead of the headset, when about the microphone is mounted at a distance from the speaker, or has to be, or when the microphone is mounted outside an enclosed space.

For audio monitoring of distant places to directional microphones are not suitable. Here are usually called bugs GSM transmitter used that transmit sounds from the environment of the device via wireless connection.